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Multifunctional shelving
Hyper and store versatile model : GFA 123
Hyper and store versatile model : GFA 133
Hyper and store versatile model : GFA 124
Hyper and store versatile model
Hyper and store versatile model
Hyper and store versatile model : GFA126

Shelving product coollection Hyper and store versatile model

Supermarkets and shops for daily access to goods and consumer items, as well as providing goods for supermarket and shop sellers and inside stores, want to have a proper order and space, and this order except by segmenting, classifying and coding groups Products are not available,

Supermarkets and shops have no choice but to have suitable shelves and racks and store shelving systems. Whether inside the shop or supermarket, hypermarket or in their warehouse, these categories of goods and products are separated and separated according to the effects that they may have on each other in terms of chemicals and taste.

Arranging the shelves of stores and shops and designing the stands of supermarkets and hypermarkets requires special order and principles that in addition to providing and quick access to them for customers, various recommendations to increase the overall sales of the shop or The supermarket decides and decides.

Beautiful shape and way of presenting hypermarkets and supermarkets and offering goods is one of the most important items influencing the purchase and decision of customers of a shop or supermarket, beautiful shelves with a well-designed space with a lot of space that the buyer has the most view of They have its features, the type of appearance of the shelves and the material and material and how they are connected is very influential in their beauty and cleanliness.

Features of multipurpose shelves:

High performance
Durable and easy to carry
Self-standing designs, wall, in the middle of the store
Highest quality powder paint
Adjustable floor spacing

Technical specifications of multifunctional shelves:

Page length: 90-70-50
Page widths: 40-35-30-30-25
Page thickness: 0.7
Width pages: 30-25 – 20 single support
Width pages: 40-35 double support
Default colors: white – red – yellow – orange – pink – purple

Wall base: 3 – 2/5 – 2 – 1/5 – 1/20

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