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General Felez Asia Company

whit 30 years of experience in the filed of producing store shelves , hyperi and industrial warehouse shelves, it is one of the top suppliers in the field of optimizing the interior space of stores and industrial warehouses, and has been able to have wide agencies in iran, central asia and neighboring countries for manage major distribution in the shortest possible time.

General felez asia Company is one of the biggest founders of (store and warehouse shelving systems) in iran. that the enjoyment of science and art and the use of modern industrial automation, supplying raw materials, producing goods and finally sending goods (sending abroad, within the country and cities).


Other products include:

1-Design and production of industrial warehouse racking

2-Design and production of cold storage racking.

3-Design and production of semi-heavy warehouse racking.

4-Design and production of hyper racking.

5-production of store shelves with tape and label (Economic, multipurpose and General model).

6-wood and metal design shelving.

7-production of shopping counters and shopping cart.

8-production of polycarbonate trolleys in different sizes.

in addition, this company is ready to supply all produced by this company and customized products to be produced and sent to Russia under agreed conditions and we are ready to cooperate with companies that are active in this field.


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Telegram : @generalfelezasia

Internet lines : +9892191331600 // +982191331800

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